• Inviting you to our fine fragrance library.

    Our creative atelier is based in Auckland, New Zealand where we dream up bespoke fragrances of the finest quality.

    Our objective is simple, to create true fragrances that reflect and enhance your everyday moments, to be as wonderful as they can be.

    Founded by a love of gifting, our goods are love letters communicated through scent.

  • The Art of Fine Fragrance.

    Collaborating with renown perfumers, we bring our fine fragrances to life in the fragrance capital of the world, Grasse, France.

    Each and every creation plays a small instrument in surrounding your life with beautiful scent.

    We aspire for our fragrances to be present with you at mesmerising moments and take you back to treasured memories.

  • A Creation and Labour of Love by Sisters Nina & Hahee.

    We hope you enjoy your time with our creations and the scent experiences they induce.

    Each good is made intentionally with love, and a belief in a gentle approach to crafting wonderful collections.

    Please feel welcome to read about our philosophy including, values of ethical sourcing, sustainably-minded practices and our vegan & cruelty-free status here.

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